Supporting established and emerging businesses.

Experience – Breadth and Depth

We design and implement market research that works the interconnections of people, products, technologies and market forces to provide a total solution to business information needs.

I nterclarity offers a broad and deep market research experience base in B2B markets. We know the elements of good research, what research can do and what it cannot do, when and how to apply advanced analytics, and how research can give you the greatest return on your investment.

From business executives to R&D scientists to customer service representatives, we engage people throughout your organization in fine-tuning research objectives to meet your specific needs. Interclarity is close enough to join in the strategic dialog necessary to identify the questions that matter while also being aware of current and emerging trends in the external environment and what they mean to your business.

O ur philosophy: We believe in partnering with our clients to discover new market realities through a meticulous approach to research design and execution. Good research fuels an organization’s creativity for step-change and process innovations alike. We also believe that the greatest gains come from exploiting market realities – realities that research can illuminate.

At Interclarity, we work with you to develop clear, practical marketing solutions by connecting the creativity and intuition of your people with new market knowledge gained from research tailored to your specific needs.

Mark A. Kays, Founder

Mark A. Kays

Mark is the Founder and President of Interclarity, LLC. Prior to starting Interclarity, Mark served in corporate market research positions for DuPont Company, Sterling Diagnostic Imaging, Agfa Corporation and Eli Lilly and Company. His field of expertise is focused on market research design, analysis and research-based business development in diversified business-to-business markets. Mark has designed and implemented market research programs to support both established and emerging businesses; for both new products and mature products seeking to extend their life cycles and strengthen their market positions.


Mark has served as an adjunct professor at two major universities. At Butler University in Indianapolis, IN, Mark taught business statistics and designed and taught a computer applications course for students in the college of business administration. At the University of Delaware in Newark, DE, Mark conducted courses in market research and computer applications.


Mark is a member of the American Marketing Association, the American Statistical Association and the American Society for Quality. He received his undergraduate degree and an MBA from Butler University.

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